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Inner Photography
Thursday 14 November 2013   —   Category: Miscellaneous
For much of my life I have been really into photography (see Brian’s Photographic Journey for more details), but today the roles were reversed and photography was really into ME! Inside of me to be exact.

This morning was my first-ever colonoscopy, and what is a colonoscopy without photos? As you can verify in the lovely photos on this page, the doctor who performed the procedure — Dr. Sooyun Chun — told me that I have one of the healthiest-looking colons she has ever seen! Maybe I should enter a photo contest?!

Such magnificent results were definitely worth the moderate amount of trouble and discomfort I had to go through in order to obtain them. Obviously, the only way to get such a clear photograph is to remove any “obstructions” which might block the view. Therefore, I fasted the entire day yesterday — if you can call three bowls of Jell-O, numerous cups of peppermint tea, and a few mugs of beef bouillon “fasting.” As I was sitting in my comfortable recliner, sipping on the delicious bouillon, I was realizing how spoiled I am, and how many unfortunate Filipinos would long just to have a comfy chair and a cup of hot broth. So as I sat there sipping, I prayed for them and also made a donation to World Vision for their aid. Often we don’t realize how blessed we really are.

Last evening I had to drink half a gallon of polyethylene glycol (PEG) mixture in order to “clear the passages.” After a fairly-decent-night’s sleep my alarm roused me at 4:00 AM for another half-gallon dose of that nasty stuff. Fortunately, the clinic had recommended adding a couple of packets of Crystal Light to the mixture, which I am sure must have helped — I would hate to imagine what it would have tasted like without it!

Once I was thoroughly emptied, it was off to the Corvallis Clinic Surgery Center (about half an hour away) for check-in and all the pre-procedure preparations. After being assured that I would not be receiving as much as Michael Jackson, an injection of propofol quickly whisked me away to la-la-land.

The next thing I knew I was back in the prep area, regaining consciousness with a strong feeling of euphoria. After a short recovery time I was feeling completely normal. Once I heard the excellent exam results I was ready to head home and have some lunch.

I've been feeling really great and back to my old self with no evident side effects. The fasting seemed to have affected my mind more than the anesthetic, even though one of the nurses warned me that I might write weird things if I used a computer this afternoon! You can be the judge if she was right or not!
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 291
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