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Every Camera Should Have GPS and RAW!
Monday 16 September 2013   —   Category: Equipment
During the year and a half that I had my Sony α55 and Sony α77 cameras, I was extremely happy with the built-in GPS capability, allowing all of my pictures to be geotagged. When I go on photo hikes out in nature, or even when I’m taking pictures in more civilized locations, I really love knowing exactly where I was standing when I took each photo.

Even though I love my Olympus OM-D E-M5, it is VERY disappointing that it does not have GPS capability. And although my Canon S100 pocket camera was GPS-enabled, the Fujifilm FinePix F900EXR which I bought recently to replace it is sadly lacking this feature. Well, Fujifilm did make some sort of half-hearted, half-assed attempt to use the GPS capability of my smartphone or tablet to give the camera pseudo-GPS abilities, but the implementation is SO horrible that I will never, ever use it! Since Fujifilm went to all that trouble, why not do it right and just put an actual GPS receiver into the camera?

During the past two years of shooting RAW images with my various cameras, I have become so accustom to the benefits of RAW that I can’t imagine myself EVER buying a camera which lacks this fundamental capability. I found this out the hard way recently when I purchased an Olympus Stylus TG-2 iHS in my first attempt to find a replacement for my unusable Canon S100. I was hoping that the TG-2’s lack of RAW images would not bother me too much, but I quickly found that it bothered me VERY much.

GPS and RAW capability are SO important to me that it’s very frustrating that SO many cameras are lacking them. Some cameras have one, some have the other, and some have neither. What’s the deal? These functions are so useful and so basic that I think EVERY camera should have them as stock features, just like all cameras have autoexposure, auto white balance, a battery, a memory card, and a lens. Come on, camera manufacturers! Quit being so miserly, stop the penny-pinching, and put these two basic functions into every camera! I, and many other of your customers, will be SO very grateful!
AUGUST 2015 UPDATE: Just wanted to let you know that Olympus’ new TG-4 does shoot RAW images! If I were in the market for a “tough” pocket camera, the TG-4 would be the one to get. Still, I would feel very limited by the paltry 4x zoom.
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 281
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 281
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