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Photographing a Model In the Park
Friday 30 September 2011   —   Category: Shooting

After my gruelling outing to the Deschutes River last week, I was definitely ready for something lighter and closer to home! So I was eager — but at the same time, a bit apprehensive — to participate in a practice photo shoot sponsored by the Corvallis Photography Meetup Club.

About 10 or so photo enthusiasts met at the Avery Park Rose Garden in Corvallis to take pictures of a few models who had volunteered for the occasion. I had never really done that kind of shoot before — as you can tell from my hundreds and hundreds of photos on this Web site, I usually prefer shooting nature and landscapes. But I figured it would be an interesting challenge and a good learning experience. This was the first time I had gone out on a shoot with the Corvallis Photography Meetup Club.

In order to capture the subtle changes of expressions on the models faces, I set my Sony Alpha α55 camera to “continuous” mode, so that it just keeps taking pictures as long as I hold the shutter button down — about 8 to 10 shots per second. Maybe I was a bit trigger happy, because I ended up taking about 800 photos within a period of 57 minutes! But I was pleased with my technique, because I’m sure I got some nice shots that I would not have gotten if I had simply been taking pictures one at a time.

I ended up with quite a few nice shots of one of the models, Shannon (the daughter of one of the club members), so I decided to make a new photo album to show off the best 17 photos out of the hundreds that I took — you can see them in the Shannon Modeling 2011 photo album. All in all it was a fun experience, and I definitely learned some do’s and don’ts that will help me take better pictures next time.
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 28
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 28
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