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Islam and Photography
Thursday 12 September 2013   —   Category: Thoughts
As a reader of articles on this Web site, you may not have realized that I have a few other Web sites, including one called Your Islamic Future. Its purpose is to warn of the dangers of Islam, and to help prepare readers for the inevitable Islamic global conquest. Does that sound fanatical and outlandish? If so, then I contend that you are either ignorant of the facts, or else you are denying the facts.

It’s not often that my interest in photography intersects with my interest in Islam. So you can imagine my reaction yesterday when I ran across this headline on the Jihad Watch Web site: India’s leading Islamic seminary: Photography is sin and un-Islamic.

In the article, Islamic leaders declared that photography is un-Islamic, unlawful and a sin. It was further stated that those who take photographs as well as those who let themselves be photographed will both be answerable to Allah on the Day of Judgement in the court of Allah, and that they should seek forgiveness from Allah. Meanwhile, atrocities which Islam encourages are commited around the globe in the name of Allah on a daily basis. What’s wrong with this picture?

For more details, check out the article I wrote today: The Un-Islamic Art of Photography.
UPDATE 7 October 2013: Be sure to read an inspiring follow-up story — Lens on liberty: Muslim women with camera in hand defy fatwa — published by The Times of India. Here are a couple of excerpts:

“The fatwa reeks of the medieval mindset. Just as writing brings catharsis to writers, photography is a way of feeling liberated.”

“I was scared to step out of home before I learnt photography. I was shy. Now, I confidently commute to work.”
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 279
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