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Neighborhood Summer Roses
Friday 23 August 2013   —   Category: Shooting
Today on my daily neighborhood walk I was going down the sidewalk, minding my own business, when suddenly I was arrested by a patch of bright red color against a very dark background. It seemed such a beautiful sight that I took out my Olympus TG-2 pocket camera to get a few shots.

The roses were about eight feet in the air! Their apparent brightness was enhanced by the dark leaves of the tree in the background. Because it was overcast outside, and because I had the camera set for f/18, and because I was zoomed in all the way at 4x, the camera chose an auto ISO of 1000 in order to get a steady shot at a 1/25 second shutter speed. Considering that high of an ISO on this type of small-sensor camera, I was surprised that there was not a lot more image noise in the JPG image. I reduced what noise there was in Adobe Lightroom, and decreased the excessive saturation as well.

I haven’t taken very many photos on my daily walks this summer, and I've probably walked by this very scene numerous times during the past weeks. But today was the day when my notice was attracted, and everything came together. I was rewarded with a beautiful view and a lovely photo memento. It makes worthwhile all those many days on which I carry my camera but don’t use it!
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 274
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 274
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