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New Cameras Arouse Gadget Lust
Friday 2 August 2013   —   Category: Equipment
Those seducers of men’s wallets and souls at Olympus and Panasonic never cease to invent new ways to entice and torment us! Both have wonderful new cameras, with a very similar size and look, for gadget geeks to drool over.

Olympus' recently released PEN E-P5 has many of the features that made my beloved OM-D E-M5 one of the top cameras for 2012. You could think of it as an E-M5 in a smaller package, but Olympus had to remove the electronic viewfinder in order to achieve the size reduction. Two nice features which are not present on the E-M5 are focus peaking and Wi-Fi connection capability, including limited Wi-Fi remote control.

There’s nothing about this camera that would actually make me seriously want one, especially since it does not have a built-in viewfinder, and that’s the main reason I went with the E-M5. Still, some of the nice new features ought to make it into the next OM-D series camera — the successor to the E-M5. But in the end, gadget lust isn’t about “needing” a gadget — it’s about being enticed by the looks or features of it. And I have to say that this camera IS beautiful and enticing!

Yesterday Panasonic announced their latest Micro Four Thirds camera — which actually won’t be available until the end of September — the LUMIX GX7. It has many of the same features as the E-P5 in almost the same sized body, but Panasonic managed to one-up Olympus by including not only an electronic viewfinder, but one that can even tilt up 90 degrees!

The GX7 has been listed on for only two days, but it is already their best-selling Micro Four Thirds camera — and that’s just for pre-orders, because it’s not actually available yet! Obviously there is a lot of hype and expectation around this camera, as there are not even any reviews published yet which document how well it works in real life. A wise person would take a deep breath and wait until the dust settles later in the year.

Between these two sumptuous cameras, there’s no doubt in my mind that the Panasonic GX7, with its built-in, tiltable viewfinder, is the most tantalizing. It has a lovely body, and is well-endowed with great features. Just to be able to hold that body in my hands and caress it ... ah!

Well, time to put my tongue back in my mouth and wipe up the drool. I can afford to wait, and I've still got my sights set on the upcoming successor to the E-M5. I’m specifically hoping they will add focus peaking, Wi-Fi, and on-sensor phase-detection focusing, all in a package that’s not any bigger than the current E-M5. Anything less than that would not make me drool at all ... we shall see!
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 268
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