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My First Cover Photo!
Saturday 20 July 2013   —   Category: Competitions

In March 2012 I participated in the Fifth Annual Albany Photography and Video Contest, which was sponsored by the Albany Visitors Association (AVA). I was so amazed and excited to discover that I had won FIVE awards — two First Place, one Second Place, and two Third Place ribbons! Inconceivable!

Earlier this week I found out about something even more inconceivable — the AVA decided to use one of my photos on the cover of their new annual visitor guide! It is quite an honor, one that I didn’t even realize was within the realm of possibility.

I had taken this photo from my backyard in August 2011 — you can read about it in my blog article Up, Up and Away!

You can view an enlarged version of the original photo here.

In January 2012 this photo won 1st place in the monthly competitions of the Valley Viewfinders Camera Club in Albany, Oregon. For more details, see my blog article Camera Club Competitions and Awards.

If you can’t make it by the AVA’s office here in Albany to pick up a paper copy of the guide, you can see an electronic copy here.

As I had no idea that this was in the works, it is a wonderful and unexpected surprise!

A year later, and my cover photo is still going strong! Here is a picture my wife took at the Linn County Fair right here in Albany this week. You can see my photo on the AVA Guide in the upper-left corner of their display rack. Very cool!
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 266
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