Brian's Photo Blog — Article 263
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Golden Rose Still Life
Saturday 13 July 2013   —   Category: Shooting
Yesterday I bought my wife some nice roses at Trader Joe’s — now, aren’t I a thoughtful husband?! This morning I had the idea to take a still life photo, utilizing the shallow depth of field of my awesome Olympus M.Zuiko 75mm f/1.8 lens. Our dark brown couch made a great complementary background to the creamy-golden colored flowers.

In fact, this lens has such shallow depth of field that I couldn’t get the entire subject rose into focus at the wider apertures of f/1.8, f/2.0, f/2.2, f/2.5 and f/2.8. It wasn’t until I hit f/3.2 that the rose was in enough focus that I was satisfied. I had taken further test shots at f/3.5, f/4.0, f/4.5 and f/5.0, but at these smaller apertures the surrounding roses were less out of focus, which started to ruin the effect I was trying to achieve.

You can click on the above image to see a larger version. Well, it’s not the most stunning picture in the world, but it was a nice photographic exercise for a Saturday morning!
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 263
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 263
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