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Olympus TG-2 Review on
Saturday 29 June 2013   —   Category: Equipment
Yesterday, just as I was putting the finishing touches on my fifth article about the Olympus TG-2 camera, my favorite camera-equipment Web site, Digital Photography Review, published a five-page review of the TG-2. What “coincidental” timing!

Because of DPReview’s very stringent and limiting copyright restrictions, I’m not able to quote any of their findings here (well, they WILL allow me 20 words — wow! — what can you say in only 20 words?!), nor am I allowed to use any of their graphics to illustrate this article.

Hopefully I AM allowed to recount that they were quite pleased with the TG-2, although, like any camera, it also has its negative aspects. But they were impressed enough to give it one of their Silver Awards. Their accolades warm my heart, making me feel like I made the right choice when I recently bought the TG-2.

Although their review is quite comprehensive, still, they didn’t really say anything about the camera’s macro capabilities, nor about its “super resolution zoom” feature. Neither did they test the camera with the attachable converter lenses. To find out more about these subjects, be sure to check out the articles I wrote earlier in the week:
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 260
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 260
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