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Goodbye, Mr. Tapes!
Tuesday 14 May 2013   —   Category: Miscellaneous
Today is a momentous day! Ten years ago, when my passion for videography and video production was just beginning to blossom, I never would have imagined that a decade later I would be tossing my entire collection of home video tapes into the trash!

From 1990 to 2010 I recorded a total of 234 video tapes: 104 of the larger Hi8 and Digital8 tapes and 130 of the smaller MiniDV tapes.

As I recounted briefly in Part 4 of my Photographic Journey, in 2010, after recording hundreds of hours of standard-definition video footage on tape, I decided it was time to go tapeless and high-definition all in one leap. And I've never looked back!

At the same time, I worked through the huge task of converting the video on these 234 tapes into computer files for storage on hard disks. And it was almost too late, because some of the older analog video tapes had already begun to deteriorate. Once that was completed, our twenty years of old videos became just as easily accessible as the new video we are capturing on our tapeless camcorder and digital cameras.

For three years I have hung on to these eight racks of video tapes, even though I had no intention of ever accessing one of them again. Finally, I realized that I just didn’t need them any more, and they were taking up a lot of valuable space for no reason. So today into the trash they went!

Goodbye, Mr. Tapes — the digital era is here to stay!
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 248
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 248
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