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Adobe Lightroom For the iPad?
Thursday 2 May 2013   —   Category: iPad Workflows
Today I watch an intriguing video interview which seems to indicate that Adobe is working on an iPad version of their awesome Lightroom software!

I use Lightroom extensively on my desktop computer to process all of the photos displayed on this Web site. It is an indespensible program which I could not live without, and is much more suited to the needs of photographers than Photoshop alone.

A mobile iPad version of Lightroom would be really appealing for processing photos while on extended photo outings, like the three I did last year.

For a sneak preview of what could be coming, check out this article on the DP Review Web site. And then be sure to watch the embeded video, following their advice to scrub forward to the 18:10 minute mark which begins the talk on this experimental app.

I’m really looking forward to the day when this test app becomes a commercially-available reality!
UPDATE — 18 January 2014:

Yesterday some new information about Lightroom for the iPad was published in an article by 9to5Mac:

Lightroom for iPad briefly appears on Adobe?s website, coming soon with $99/year cloud subscription

This article was referenced and commented on by two other Web sites I visit daily:

DPReview: Adobe leaks 'Lightroom Mobile' app

MacWorld: Lightroom Mobile app is in the spotlight after brief Web revelation

Seems like we might be getting close!
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 247
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