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2012 Isn't Over After All!
Friday 12 April 2013   —   Category: Outings
Nearly three weeks ago, in the Rainbow Creek: The Last Album of Photos From 2012 article, I announced that I was FINALLY done processing all of my photos for 2012. To my shock and dismay, while processing the more than 500 photos I took at Smith Rock in January (see The Breath-Taking Beauty Of Smith Rock), I discovered that there were still photos from a one-day outing in October which I had overlooked! Obviously, 2012 wasn’t over after all! After finishing up the Smith Rock photos a couple of days ago, it was time to make up for this oversight.

As I recounted way back at the beginning of October 2012 in the article Going Whole Hogg, just a couple of weeks after my six-day adventure to Lake Chelan, I made one last Autumn outing before Oregon’s nine-month rainy season set it. My destination was the Santiam Pass area at the top of Oregon’s Cascades — generally unaccessible from November (or even October) through June due to snow.

In the morning I hiked the six-mile Patjens Lakes Trail, which, unsurprisingly, take you past the set of four small Patjens Lakes, as well as Big Lake. In the afternoon, I drove just a few miles to Hogg Rock — a tuya formation which is fairly flat on top, oval shaped, about 800 by 500 yards across, with very steep, practically vertical sides.

There are no established, marked trails to the top of Hogg Rock — I simply started climbing. It was kind of eerie to be up there all alone, with a 200-foot drop straight down all around. But it was well worth the effort! Out of the 50 photos I took on that hike, 13 of them have made it into the Hogg Rock 2012 album.

Now, I have only the 150 pictures from my hike of the same day around the Patjens Lakes to deal with, and then it WILL be true that I finally HAVE finished processing all of my 2012 photos!
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 241
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 241
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