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The Breath-Taking Beauty Of Smith Rock
Wednesday 10 April 2013   —   Category: Outings

I finally finished processing the more than 500 photos I took during my January Midwinter’s Day at Smith Rock.

I can’t believe that I had lived in Oregon for six-and-a-half years before finally making the three-hour drive over the Cascades to Smith Rock State Park. Even though it’s a poor excuse, all I can say in my defense is that, judging by the name, it didn’t sound like anything special.

Think about it! Smith is a common, boring last name. And why would anyone want to drive three whole hours just to see a boring old rock? Then, put boring “Smith” together with boring “rock,” and what do you get? Double boring!?

HOW WRONG I WAS!!! At my first glimpse of Smith Rock I was absolutely astonished — and my mouth continued to hang open all during the hours I spent hiking and photographing around this breath-taking work of God!

I've already given a report of my outing that day in A Midwinter’s Day at Smith Rock, so I won’t repeat myself here. But I will take this opportunity to announce THREE new photo albums being unveiled today.

The Smith Rock 2013 album contains 119 of the best color photos. As you look through it, you may feel that there is a fair amount of repetition. At first glance this may seem to be true, but as you take a closer look, you will see that even a slight change in camera position resulted in significantly different compositions. Each photo has something in it which is unique and does not appear in any of the other pictures.

But not all of the images were presentable in color — and some photos were beautiful, in different ways, in both color and in monochrome. That’s why I decided to make a special black and white album of my Smith Rock photos. Smith Rock 2013 B&W contains 13 pictures which are not included in the color album, plus 48 black and white versions of photos which are in the color album.

Because my first panoramic photos of 2013 were taken at Smith Rock, it is also time to inaugurate this year’s Panoramas 2013 album.

Don’t let the boring name of Smith Rock fool you! This is one place you will definitely want to visit if you are in the neighborhood, as you will see for yourself when you take a virtual tour of the park via the images I’m presenting in these new albums.
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 240
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