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Artistic Photography At Morro Bay
Friday 29 March 2013   —   Category: Outings

My very first photo outing for 2013 took place during the first few days of the new year, which I spent on the Central Coast of California. I took pictures in three locations, the third of which was Morro Bay, about a fourty-five-minute drive from where I was staying in Santa Maria.

Besides being my first photo outing to Morro Bay, this visit was also memorable because it was at here that I dropped one of my expensive lenses in the middle of the street, as I recounted in Incompetence at the Coast! Live and learn!

I feel that the collection of photos resulting from this outing is one of the most artistic that I have put together in quite a while. There are some color images, and some in black and white — and some I couldn’t decide, because they were both so nice, therefore I included a color version AND a black and white version. I tried to be creative in my choice of lenses and in where I placed the camera. There are two short time-lapse photography videos, which show the motion of the waves.

In addition to quite a few shots of Morro Rock, I also took photos of the aging power plant — which my grandfather helped build! — as well as a few wildlife shots and some images of the moon. That’s quite a lot of variety for such a small collection!

During the 80 minutes I was at Morro Bay I took 155 pictures, 23 of which were selected for the Morro Bay 2013 album. Photos taken at the two other locations during this trip can be found in the Oso Flaco 2013 and Grover Beach 2013 albums.

Because the 11 monochromatic pictures included in this album are the first of the year, I have also launched the Black and White 2013 album. That’s a great beginning for another great monochromatic year!

Brian's Photo Blog — Article 239
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 239
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