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Wingéd Creatues At Grover Beach
Wednesday 27 March 2013   —   Category: Outings
As I had recounted in Sun and Sand In Central California, my very first photo outing for 2013 took place during the first few days of the new year, which I spent on the Central Coast of California. I took pictures in three locations, the second of which was Grover Beach, which is only a short drive from where I was staying in Santa Maria.

I made an outing to Grover Beach about a year ago, the results of which can be seen in the Grover Beach 2011 photo album. Last year I got some great shots of a Snowy Egret, which I had processed into some nice-looking black and white pictures. This year, I got even more beautiful photos of a Snowy Egret — maybe it was the same bird?

During the 90 minutes I was there I took 113 pictures, 24 of which were selected for the Grover Beach 2013 album. In addition to the Snowy Egret, I also took photos of monarch butterfies, sandpipers and curlews. Surely wingéd creatures abound at Grover Beach!
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 238
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 238
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