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My Brief Detour Into Employment
Friday 15 March 2013   —   Category: Thoughts
It’s a very bizarre story, but my new job which I told you about last month only lasted a week and a half. In fact, it is such a long and crazy tale that I've written TEN articles on my Brian’s Bits Web site in order to explain and analyze what happened! Rather than repeat all of that here, I simply want to point you to the tenth article — Recap of My Detour Into Employment — which gives you an introduction, with links to the other nine articles.

Suffice it to say that, for the time being, I’ll continue to have plenty of time for photography once again. I’m still getting caught up on my backlog of photos — I've got five more albums of images to process, so that’s for sure going to take me way into April. Then it will be time to look for — or make — opportunities to get out and take more pictures. Whether I have a paying job or not, I’m always busy and trying to make to most of my time and abilities.

This journey through life is full of interesting twists and turns, and you never know when there will be a sudden change of direction. I never expected to have two such changes less than two weeks apart! I guess that helps keep the journey interesting, although a bit less interesting can be nice too!
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 233
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 233
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