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Spring and Winter Overlapping
Thursday 7 March 2013   —   Category: Shooting

Last month, in February, when taking my daily neighborhood walk, I came across some glowing yellow crocuses blossoming along the sidewalk. I was surprised to see such flowers in the middle of winter, but since I don’t know much about flowers, maybe that’s normal for crocuses?!

As usual, I had my pocket Canon S100 camera with me, so I captured the beautiful moment, and then promptly forgot about the photo until this last weekend!

Now, almost a month after what appeared to be Spring in bloom, the signs of Winter are still all around. Last night a dusting of snow settled on Marys Peak — the highest point in the Oregon Coast Range. I was out on my daily neighborhood walk again today, and snapped this shot along the way.

The Canon S100 does not have a very powerful zoom — only a 120mm equivalent — so it was still a pretty wide shot, considering that Marys Peak is about 22 miles away. Therefore, this photo is a 100% crop, making the mountain appear much closer than in the original shot.

Spring and Winter are overlapping, but the Oregon rainy season still has another three or four months to go!
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 231
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 231
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