Brian's Photo Blog — Article 226
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Frosty Without and Within
Wednesday 30 January 2013   —   Category: Shooting

This month I have been finding ice crystals without and within!

Last week there were falling flakes of freezing fog, which settled softly on this fern in my backyard. A total of four frosty fern photos are the beginning of the new Neighborhood 2013 album. It never ceases to amaze me how many interesting pictures I can take right on my own city lot!

Just this morning I took a container of strawberries out of the freezer, when I noticed a pile of ice crystals which had formed on top of one of the strawberries. So I got together my camera equipment and took a few shots. The best one has become the beginning of the new Macro Magic 2013 album. There is a miniature, magical world waiting to be discovered, if we will only take the time and effort to see!

Be sure to check out these two albums from time to time as the year unfolds — I’m sure there will be many more photos added to each one. And don’t miss all of the other Neighborhood and Macro Magic albums from previous years. You can find them by browsing the list of albums to the left, which can be sorted alphabetically or by date.
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 226
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 226
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