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Not An Occult Art
Tuesday 22 January 2013   —   Category: Thoughts
I just finished reading the book Conquistadors of the Useless by world-renowned French mountaineer Lionel Terray. This well-written (translated from French), first-hand account of his life and many high-altitude adventures captivated my imagination, and also left me inspired by his insights and character.

For many years he never took a camera with him on his climbs, but eventually he came to see the benefits, and that it wasn’t as difficult as he had imagined. As Terray put it:
It then dawned on me at last that, contrary to what I had so stupidly supposed, photography was a straightforward technique rather than an occult art.
I was also struck my numerous other thoughts he had written, including these:
So many years of trial and danger changes a man in spite of himself.

Really, the only thing that gives any idea of the infinite is the stupidity of some men!

On this proud and beautiful mountain we had spent many ardent and noble hours in brotherhood. We had ceased for several days to be slaves and had truly lived as men. To return to slavery was hard ...
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 222
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