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Up, Up and Away!
Sunday 28 August 2011   —   Category: Shooting
Over this past weekend was the annual Northwest Art and Air Festival here in Albany. For the first time in our five years of living here, we decided to attend the traditional Night Glow event on Friday evening. It was OK, but nothing too special — in light of the huge crowd, I don’t think I would be going again. But at least I got a photo out of it!

The best part of the balloon festival was actually this morning at my own house. I went for a walk around 6:30 AM. As I approached home, I noticed that some hot air balloons were starting to rise in the east ... along with the rising sun. I started to debate with myself if I should get out my camera equipment — camera, telephoto lens, tripod — and try to get some photos.

One part of me was definitely feeling worn out, taking photos all the time! But the nagging feeling that I should really go to the trouble of setting everything up would not let me go. So finally I gave in and hauled my equipment downstairs and into the back yard.

Now I’m so, SO glad I did, because I got some really stunning photos. As the balloon was rising into the sky, it was getting closer and closer to the morning sun. From where I was standing, it looked like the balloon would actually cross the face of the sun, or at least get really close to it.

Finally, the moment came, and I captured the shot you can see here. I took a bit over 100 pictures in all, but narrowed it down to the best two. You can click on the two photos on this page to see them larger. You can see the other photo here.

Because there are only three balloon photos, there was no need to create a new album. The night shot has been added to the Night & Low Light 2011 photo album, while the two shots at sunrise have been added to the Heavenly Bodies 2006-2011 photo album.

JULY 2013 UPDATE: During the past two years, some awesome things have been happening with the above balloon sunrise photo!

In January 2012 it won 1st place in the monthly competitions of the Valley Viewfinders Camera Club in Albany, Oregon. For more details, see my blog article Camera Club Competitions and Awards.

In March 2012 it won 1st place in the “Events” category in the Fifth Annual Albany Photography and Video Contest of the Albany Visitors Association. For more details, see my blog article AVA Competition and Awards.

In July 2013 it was featured on the cover of the Albany Visitors Association’s Annual Visitor Guide for 2013. For more details, see my blog article My First Cover Photo!


JULY 2014 UPDATE: A year later, and my cover photo is still going strong! Here is a picture my wife took at the Linn County Fair right here in Albany this week. You can see my photo on the AVA Guide in the upper-left corner of their display rack. Very cool!
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 22
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 22
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