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Sun and Sand In Central California
Thursday 10 January 2013   —   Category: Outings
Byrd that I am, the end of December found me on my annual Winter migration south to visit my parents in Santa Maria, on the Central Coast of California. Like this American White Pelican I photographed at Oso Flaco Lake in the Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes, I enjoyed the sunny weather and coastal beauty. Throughout my stay there, I also visited Pismo Beach, Grover Beach, and Morro Bay.

Another highlight for me was to stop by Really Right Stuff (RRS) — a manufacturer of high-end camera-support equipment — in San Luis Obispo, where I lived while completing college at Cal Poly. I’ll have more to say about RRS and their goodies in a future article.

My new year got off to a bad start when I dropped one of my nice lenses in the middle of the street while in Morro Bay, as recounted in my previous article Incompetence at the Coast! The aluminum lens hood got a fair number of gouges and nicks, plus a dent, but from what I can tell, the lens itself seems to be in working order. None of the glass is cracked, and both auto and manual focus seems to function properly. There are a few small nicks on the exterior, which will always remind me to be more careful and pay close attention to what I’m doing! It’s definitely a lot cheaper to replace a lens hood than the actual lens!

I ended up taking over 300 pictures at these various coastal locations, and some of the shots are pretty nice. But before I process the best images and put them into new albums, I really, really need to deal with the 1,400 photos I took on my trip to Lake Chelan, Washington last September. It is disgraceful that I've been so unmotivated and lazy, having completed only one album of photos: Columbia Gorge 2012. But that is my next project, and my New Year’s resolution: finish those Chelan photos! After that, I will be able to turn my attention to the pictures I took last week in California.
For the follow-up articles and photo albums resulting from this trip, click on these links:
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 219
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 219
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