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New Domain Name For This Web Site
Sunday 23 December 2012   —   Category: Miscellaneous
While on my daily neighborhood walk yesterday, the idea suddenly popped into my head that I should take a fresh look at the collection of domain names I have accumulated over the years, and see which ones I could dispose of. As soon as I returned home, I rolled up my sleeves and got to work at once.

Much to my delight, I found that I could radically prune back my wastefulness by immediately cancelling TWELVE domain names that I didn’t really need! Next year I will let a further three domain names expire, bringing the total number axed to fifteen. At $10 per domain name per year, this is a substantial chunk of change which I will be able to put to better use. In the end, I will be left with seven useful domain names, each one of which points to one of my major Web sites.

While I was pulling these weeds from my domain-name garden, the thought came to me that perhaps I could find a better domain name for this Web site, rather than the cumbersome I tried a few possibilities, which were already taken, when I came across the available Short, simple and concise — it immediately appealed to me, so I immediately registered it for my own use.

During all this rearranging, I discovered that I could create some subdomains for use with the domain names I am keeping, to replace some of the domain names I got rid of. For example, I have replaced: If you are a repeat visitor to this Web site, you will want to be sure to update any favorites, bookmarks, links or RSS feeds you may have which use the old domain name of, because once it expires on February 9, 2013, any Web address using that domain name will no longer work. But it’s easy to make the change: simply replace any occurrence of BrianByrdsPhotos with ByrdPhoto — piece of cake!

Well, it was a nice Christmas blessing to reduce the number of domain names I own by 68% (from 22 to 7!), save $150 a year in domain name fees, and get a nice new domain name in the process. Such simplifying fits in perfectly with what I wrote about in my previous article — be sure to check it out if you haven’t read it yet. Merry Christmas!
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 212
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 212
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