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Oregon Coast Photo Re-Outing
Saturday 27 August 2011   —   Category: Outings

After my eldest daughter returned from three months in Europe, we decided to make our second trip to the Oregon coast this month, so she could experience all the wonderful places we had visited earlier (I reported on the first trip in a previous post). But this time we went in the opposite direction, starting at Newport, and then working our way north on U.S. Route 101 towards Lincoln City.

Our first stop after our 90-minute drive west on U.S. Route 20 from Albany was the Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area. But rather than the gorgeous, sunny weather we had earlier in the month, this time it was cold and gray. Our previous visit here was a short, whirlwind tour, so today we were going to take our time and see all there was to see.

First we explored Cobble Beach, where the smooth, rounded “cobble” rocks were formed by red-hot lava plopping into the ocean, and then thousands of years of erosion. These stones were a challenge to walk on, and the water made interesting tinkling sounds as a wave would recede.

Next we made the short hike up Salal Hill, which provides a great overview of the western Yaquina Head area. After our descent, the wife and kids took a tour of the inside of the Yaquina Head Lighthouse, while I stayed outside and took more pictures.

Then we went to check out Quarry Cove, and I’m sure glad we did! There were quite a number of harbor seals, both in the water and on the rocks. I quickly attached my 70-​200​mm telephoto lens, adding my 2x teleconverter, to give me a maximum focal length of 400mm (actually, 600mm in 35mm terms, because my Sony Alpha α55 camera has an APS-C sensor.) With this setup I was able to get some exciting, close-up photos of the seals.

After getting our fill of seals (figuratively speaking, of course!), we piled back into the car and drove north to Fogarty Creek State Recreation Area, which we had enjoyed so much the last time. But for some reason, it didn’t seem as fun this time around. But I did get some more interesting photos to add to the album, mostly close-ups of sea plants, shells and stones.

Rather than create a new photo album for this outing, I've simply added the 40 new photos from this trip to the same Oregon Coast 2011 photo album as the 45 photos from the previous trip. If you would like to jump straight to the new photos, click here.
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 21
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