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End-Of-Autumn Beauty In the Neighborhood
Monday 3 December 2012   —   Category: Shooting
For some reason, I haven’t felt very motivated to post new photos on this Web site. So I've been sitting on a mountain of photos which need processing, with the pile getting higher as the weeks and months slip by. Yesterday and today I finally stirred myself enough to make a little bit of progress.

After taking lots of Autumn photos the previous two years (see Albany Autumn 2010 and Albany Autumn 2011), I didn’t feel very inspired to take more Autumn pictures this year. Been there, done that! Did I really need yet one more photo of a tree with golden leaves?!

But one day, around the beginning of November, when I was out for my daily neighborhood walk, there were numerous lovely Autumn sights worth photographing. I especially like the picture to the right. Imagine, abundant yellow leaves, and roses still in bloom, in an Oregon November!

As always, I have my Canon S100 pocket camera with me on my walks. All of the 13 photos in the new Albany Autumn 2012 album were taken with that camera — 11 were taken on that one day.

I still have to process and present a bunch of photos of fallen Autumn leaves on the sidewalk — many with raindrops on them, so I guess that will be my next project. Keep your eyes open for that in the near future.
UPDATE: You can enjoy more Autumn glory by visiting the Autumn Leaves 2012 photo album.
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 208
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 208
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