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New iPad Mini Arrives Eight Days Early
Thursday 15 November 2012   —   Category: iPad Workflows
Last month wrote that I was ordering the new iPad Mini — see The iPad Of My Dreams, At Last? — after waiting nearly two years for Apple to come out with a smaller tablet. Once I had placed my order, the estimated delivery date was November 23 — the day after Thanksgiving. Later, I was notified that I would receive it the 21st instead — I would definitely be more thankful to get it the day BEFORE Thanksgiving!

Then last week they told me it would ship this week. On Tuesday, it left China, and was supposed to arrive tomorrow, but FedEx brought it by today, exactly a week before Thanksgiving and eight days early! Hurray! I’m so thankful that my Mini didn’t go through JFK airport, or else it might be missing in action! Now that I've had my out of box experience, am I about to have an out of body experience? We shall see....

Using iTunes, I backed up my iPad 2, then restored the backup to the iPad Mini, so that all my apps and data and settings transferred over completely — I was up and running in no time. For the above photo, I stood the iPad Mini up — using the optional Smart Cover as a stand — on top of the horizontal screen of my older iPad 2, as if they had had a wrestling match and the Mini was the victor, sitting on top of the looser! And that may closer to the truth than you realize!

I've read a lot of reviews of the iPad Mini during the past few weeks, and I strongly agree with what many of then said: once you use the Mini for even a short period of time, the full-sized iPad suddenly seems quite large and heavy — almost as if it were a laptop!

Obviously I have not had much time to use it yet, but so far I’m quite pleased. Its being half the weight and bulk of a regular iPad makes a huge difference. The smaller screen is still sufficiently large, and as you can see from the image to the right, it’s much, much larger than an iPod Touch screen.

I have to confess that one reason I was longing for a smaller tablet was because of the prominent use of such tablets in the Golden Age of the Solar Clipper series of books by Nathan Lowell. All the characters in these books have their own tablet, which they use for so many things in everyday life. And it was obvious from the story that they were around the size of an iPad Mini. I do think it is a much more practical size than the larger iPads.

It amazing how books can have such a significant impact. It was because of George MacDonald books that I ended up meeting my Swiss wife in Scotland — but that’s a whole nother story!
UPDATE: 21 November 2013 — Today my new iPad Mini (2) Retina arrived on my doorstep ... see The iPad Mini Comes Of Age for more details!
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 202
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