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Incompetent, Obsessive Photographers With Bulky Equipment
Wednesday 14 November 2012   —   Category: Miscellaneous
The 43 Rumors Web site has done it again! On a daily basis they provide great information which I would not otherwise obtain. Yesterday they posted a hilarious video produced by Sony Australia which highlights both the incompetence and obsession of some photographers (I’ve been there, done that!), as well as the frequent inconvenience of traditional, bulky DSLR equipment. Three cheers for Micro Four Thirds!
After yesterday’s long article detailing the contents of my lens kit, this video is a much-needed reminder that, in the end, it’s the skills and abilities of the photographer which matter a lot more than the equipment.
UPDATE 25 JUNE 2016 — I just discovered that Sony Australia had removed this video from YouTube sometime in the past. Fortunately, someone else has posted it on YouTube, so (for now) you can still enjoy it. I have updated the embeded video above. If you notice that this new embeded video no longer works, please leave a comment below to alert me. Thanks, and enjoy!
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 201
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 201
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