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The iPad Photography Workflow
Tuesday 30 October 2012   —   Category: iPad Workflows
Earlier this month I ran across an interesting article on the Digital Photography Review Connect Web site called The iPad Workflow. Because I have an entire section of articles on that topic, it caught my attention right away.

In this four-page article, the author covers a number of topics: I’m not so interested in transferring images from my camera to my iPad wirelessly, or in using my iPad as a second monitor, but I did find the section on image management intriguing, especially the Photosmith app.

Photosmith is an iPad app which works hand-in-glove with Adobe Lightroom. The Web site for the app states: “Photosmith’s fundamental purpose is to enable you to move your photos seamlessly and safely between your camera, your iPad, and your Lightroom catalog.” This works in both directions:
  • Once you copy photos from your camera to your iPad, you can use Photosmith to organize, sort, rate, tag, and label them, as well as add keywords and other metadata. Then when you get back home, all the photos and all the work you did in Photosmith are transferred wirelessly to Lightroom on your desktop computer.
  • From Lightroom, you can copy photos to Photosmith on your iPad wirelessly, perform the same organizing described in the previous point, and then sync all that work back with the original photos in Lightroom.
You can’t use Photosmith to edit your photos — I've already written a couple of articles about using Photoshop Touch on the iPad: iPad Photo Editing, Part One and Part Two. But it does allow you, while in the field and away from home, to view and organize your photos — including the metadata — much more easily and more efficiently than using the native iPad Photos app. Once I use Photosmith more extensively, I will write a follow-up article with my thoughts and observations.

Again, don’t miss the original DPReview Connect article: The iPad Workflow.
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 189
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