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Astonishing Affinity Animal Photos By Brad Wilson
Wednesday 24 October 2012   —   Category: Other Photographers

As I was reading through my latest issues of Photography Monthly Magazine, I read a fascinating article about renowned photographer Brad Wilson. After a bit of rummaging around, I did find an unofficial copy of the text of this article on the Web, but I will share a little bit of it here:
For years I had stared into the eyes of human models in New York City and on assignments around the United States. But you reach a point where you feel like you've said what you want to say.

For me, the transition to a different species as a primary subject seemed quite natural, and even necessary. Sometimes a journey into the unknown is far more valuable than a journey into the known. I wanted to see if I could apply the same studio lighting used with human models in New York City for animals and create similarly dramatic portraits.

There were many sleepless nights leading up to the first shoots. It was important to me from the start of the Affinity project to achieve a sense of intimacy with the subjects. I wanted to create a detailed and powerful image of each animal. Not just a straightforward snapshot of the subject, but a revealing portrait. I wasn’t sure this was going to be possible.
Once you take a look at the stunning animal portraits Mr. Wilson has taken, you will quickly realize that he was able to make it totally possible!

You can view a few dozen of his photos, as well as watch a behind-the-scenes video of how he shoots these photos. These are definitely pictures which you don’t want to rush through, but gaze upon and ponder for quite a while.

Mr. Wilson’s photos are currently on display at the Doinel Gallery in London, which has taken the above-mentioned video, and created a short promotional video which is available on YouTube, and you can also watch below:
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 183
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