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Miserable Meteor Shower
Saturday 13 August 2011   —   Category: Shooting
I've had a love for astronomy for as long as I've loved photography — as far back as junior high school (see Brian’s Photographic Journey for more details). I even had a subscription to Astronomy magazine for a number of those early years. Intertwined with the passion for astronomy was a passion for science fiction, including Star Trek and Star Wars — plus dozens of books by the great science fiction authors.

SO ... when the time came for the annual Perseid meteor shower, I thought, now that I have a nice camera, I should really try to take some pictures of this. Unfortunately, my good intentions did not result in any good photos.

First of all, there was a full moon this year, which overpowered most of the meteors. Secondly, I live on the southwest side of Albany, Oregon, and the meteors were coming from the Perseus constellation in the northeast, exactly where the lights of nearly 50,000 inhabitants are glowing in the sky. Between the human light pollution and the moonshine, there was practically no hope of getting any good meteor photos.

I did see a few shooting stars, but always somewhere different than where I had the camera pointed. I stood outside with my camera on a tripod from around 1:30 AM to about 4:30 AM, and took nearly 100 long-exposure shots. Then the fog started rolling in! I give up! Well, sorry I don’t have any photos to share with you ... maybe next year!
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 18
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 18
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