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Micro Four Thirds Cameras For Pro Photography
Wednesday 17 October 2012   —   Category: Other Photographers
Today on the 4/3 Rumors Web site, there was an article featuring the work of professional photographer Amos Chapple, who uses a Micro Four Thirds (M43) camera. Amos wrote:
Italian Vanity Fair magazine have been buying my work fairly regularly and have used four images of mine in the past four months. Two images have been used as double-page spreads.

The magazine runs a tight ship; image quality is thoroughly checked before they print things, and guess what? All of it was shot with M43 kit.

Here is a link to the proofs:

Most of these images have also been used in newspapers and magazines throughout Europe including the Guardian, Daily Mail, etc.

All pics taken with a GH2. I don’t think the image quality of M43 is as good as full-frame DSLRs but it’s nice to know that if you’ve got good content you can use M43 kit without worrying about the sensor size.
The article concludes by stating: “This is just to say once again that if you have talent you can achieve superb results with any camera system. No need to go Full Frame to be a PRO!”

I couldn’t have said it better myself! Be sure to click over the Amos Chapple’s Web site to see the amazing photos in his online gallery.
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 177
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