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Six Days At Lake Chelan, Skipped Seattle Stay
Monday 24 September 2012   —   Category: Outings

I decided to come back from my outing to Washington state a couple of days early. After six days in the Lake Chelan area, I had had my fill of vacation. After taking 1,400 photos, I didn’t feel like snapping any more pictures. And after travelling 420 miles by auto, 100 miles by boat, 30 miles by bus, 14 miles by bike, and at least 12 miles on foot, I was ready to just go home and stay there! So I drove another 460 miles back to Albany, leaving my visit to Seattle for another trip.

You can probably imagine from my list of various modes of transportation that this outing was quite an adventure — and it was! It took a day and a half to arrive at my final destination: the hamlet of Stehekin at the northwestern end of the 55 mile long Lake Chelan.

Leaving Albany, I drove up I-5 and I-205 through Portland, then took I-84 east through the Columbia River Gorge.

Because this was my first time through the Gorge, I stopped in a number of places to take pictures. After about five hours on the road, I eventually made it to a place I had already been and even documented photographically: U.S. Route 97. Ninety-seven pictures from that trip are gathered into one of my first online photo albums — Highway 97 South 2007 — even more images are displayed on my separate Web site.

Well, this time I was heading north, not south, up the east side of the Cascades into Washington. The further I went, the more I encountered the effects of the dozens of wildfires burning across that part of the state. In the mountains between Ellensburg and Wenatchee the smoke was especially bad, as you can see in the photo to the right.

Continuing north on U.S. Route 97, I finally arrived in the town of Chelan, at the southeastern end of Lake Chelan. The next morning I boarded the Lady of the Lake II for a 50-mile, 4-hour boat trip to the hamlet of Stehekin at the northwestern end of the lake. Although I got some nice photos, it was unfortunate that a thin smokey haze somewhat obscured the tops of the mountains which tower on both sides of the narrow lake. The smoke generally increased as the days went by, plaguing my picture-taking and the visibility on my hikes.

I will recount the adventures of my three-day stay at Stehekin in future blog articles. After spending the coming weeks processing the 1,400 photos taken during this six-day outing, I expect to have at least six new photo albums, displaying the best shots taken at the various locations I visited. I've got a lot on my plate, so I guess I had better get to work!
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 166
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