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Seagull Steals Camera, Indulges In Aerial Photography
Friday 21 September 2012   —   Category: Miscellaneous

Today on CNN, one of the feature articles was a YouTube video of a seagull stealing a tiny GoPro camera, flying around with it for a little bit, and then setting it down and flying away. As of this writing, the YouTube video has had over two million views — it’s probably much higher by now.

While the photo to the right is not a picture of the actual seagull thief, I think we can safely assume that this image is a good representation. He does have some sort of brazen, tough-guy look, doesn’t he? Almost as if he’s saying, “Oh yeah? So whaddaya gonna do about it?”

As you can see in the second photo, the GoPro camera is very small, so it is totally conceivable that a seagull — which is a somewhat large bird — could make a grab and fly away with it. But what I am wondering is why the camera was just sitting there filming. Normally, before setting a camera down, you would stop recording. Was the lady baiting the bird, and actually hoping the bird would grab it? I guess we’ll never know.

Well, no matter how it happened, it’s a pretty cool and amazing video. I love how the bird flys off in the direction that the camera is recording after it sets it down. After seeing this, I’m definitely going to have to keep an eye on my camera, lest a bird or some other mischievous animal makes off with it. In that case, I don’t think I would end up with the same fortunate results!

And now, here’s the video, starring the tricksy seagull:
UPDATE 14 JULY 2015 — Here is another seagull photographer: Seagull Grabs GoPro and Helps Tourist Capture Aerial Shots of the Coastline
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 165
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 165
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