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Eight-Day Outing to Lake Chelan and Seattle
Sunday 16 September 2012   —   Category: Outings
It’s been four months since my last major photographic outing, when I spent four days exploring the Southern Oregon Coast. Starting today, I’m on an eight-day journey to visit Lake Chelan, Stehekin, and Seattle, all in the state of Washington.

Tonight I will be staying in Chelan, then taking the Lady of the Lake ferry first thing Monday morning on a four-hour, 55-mile trip to Stehekin, at the other end of Lake Chelan. I will be spending three nights in Stehekin, one more night back in Chelan, and then two nights in the Seattle area before heading back home.

I had zipped past Lake Chelan without stopping on my Highway 97 trip nearly five-and-a-half years ago, and have been wanting to visit there for a few years now. So I’m really excited to finally have this opportunity to photographically explore this gorgeous and remote corner of Washington.

Even though there is no cell phone service in Stehekin, there is Internet access at the hotel, so I’m hoping to have time each day to post a blog article with a few photos of that day’s adventures — stay tuned! Whether I can manage that or not, there will eventually be full reports and a decent number of new photo albums after I return home. Until then....
For a complete list of all the blog entries and photo albums resulting from my trip to Lake Chelan, be sure to check out the September 2012 Lake Chelan Photo Outing Recap
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 164
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 164
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