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My First 4Cs Award
Friday 14 September 2012   —   Category: Competitions
The local camera club I belong to — Valley Viewfinders Camera Club — bases its year on the school calendar, so the first meeting of the “new year” was last evening.

As I have written previously a couple of times, by the end of the last camera club year at the close of Spring, I was getting kind of burnt out with the monthly club competitions. All of that effort and expense was starting to feel somewhat pointless. I was probably taking it all too seriously.

After two or three months off for the Summer, I decided I would go ahead and enter the competitions again, but try not to put too much value on it, and just enjoy the process without getting caught up in winning awards or not.

I entered the maximum of 10 photos last evening amongst the five different categories of competition, and amazingly, half of them ended up winning awards: two 1st place, and one each in 2nd, 3rd, and 5th places! Gosh! Not bad considering I wasn’t feeling very motivated about entering, nor did I have any of those “spectacular shots” that seem to guarantee an award. So I was pretty happy with these results. You can see these five photos, plus all of my other award-winning photos in the *AWARD WINNERS* photo album.

I have also mentioned in previous articles that Valley Viewfinders is itself a member of a larger, region camera club — the Columbia Council of Camera Clubs (4Cs). This organization consists of member camera clubs from Oregon (21), Washington (6), Idaho (2) and Northern California (1).

The best photos from each club’s monthly photo competitions are sent to the 4Cs for inter-club competition. At this level, you’re not just competing against members of your own local camera club, but against the best photos from ALL the 30 regional camera clubs. The judging for each month is assigned to a different member club, so that the work load is spread out.

I found out last evening that I had won my first award from the 4Cs — I was handed an Award of Merit ribbon (shown above) for a panoramic photo entitled “Painted Hills.“

I was surprise, thrilled, and honored to receive this award, particularly since the competition is much more intense at this higher level.

The five local awards last evening plus the regional award made for a very pleasurable, rewarding and satisfying beginning to the new photo club year. Well, I’m supposed to be giving a presentation at the next meeting on the topic of basic photo editing with Adobe Lightroom, so I had better start preparing!
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 163
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