Brian's Photo Blog — Article 151
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I Was Born a Ramblin' Man
Tuesday 14 August 2012   —   Category: Outings

In honor of my 150th blog article yesterday, I invented a new word: sesquicentiblog. On a more practical level, I shared my desire to start photographically exploring the area where I live by taking regular and frequent “local rambles.” In order to make my resolution a reality, I decided to ramble on as soon as possible. And the photography started even before I left home!

As I was eating breakfast around 5:30, I looked out the window and saw Venus and the moon hanging low over the neighbor’s house. After exclaiming a long, jaw-dropping “Wow!”, I grabbed my camera equipment which was already stacked by the front door, and headed out the BACK door to take some shots. The first two images in the album display the fruit of my backyard labors. That was a great start for a photographic outing!

I left about 6:00 and explored an area between 5 and 16 miles north and northwest of my house in southwest Albany. Some of the villages and hamlets I passed through while cruising the country backroads included Palestine, Adair Village, Airlie, Maple Grove, and the vanished town of Tampico. Along the way, I encountered farm buildings and equipment, deer in a front yard, cattle in a pasture, a shiny mailbox, and more! Not bad for my first two-hour outing!

And then there were all the shots I missed. Sometimes, when I looked at a certain scene as I was driving down the road, it would take my brain a little while to decided if it would make a nice picture or not. By that time I was far enough past the location that it felt like it would be too much of a hassle to turn around and go back. So I just kept going, but regret nagged me the whole rest of the outing. This happened too many times during my ramble. I've got to learn to discern a good shot quicker, or else take the time to go back, because it’s no fun living with regrets.

Since this is the first of many more such outings, I've even created a new category for this and future articles: Local Rambles. This will make it easier for you to find in one place the results of all my local outings. And you can see the photos from this month’s rambles in the Local Rambles AUG 2012 photo album.

To be a photographer, to improve and refine my photographic skills, I can’t just sit at home — I need to get out of the house regularly and practice, practice, practice! Whether it’s a long, faraway trip, or just a local ramble, it’s time to ramble on, for I was born a ramblin' man, with a camera in my hand!
UPDATE — October 2012 — Despite my high hopes and lofty ideals, things didn’t turn out as well as I had imagined with my Local Rambles. You can read about all of the disappointing details in Forced Creativity: You Can Lead a Horse To Water ...
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 151
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 151
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