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A Sunday Afternoon At Finley Refuge
Sunday 12 August 2012   —   Category: Outings

Two weeks ago today I was suddenly inspired to go for an afternoon walk at Finley National Wildlife Refuge, south of Corvallis, around a 45-minute’s drive from our house in southeast Albany. So I packed up my new Olympus OM-D E-M5 camera system — any excuse to use it! — my wife, and my youngest daughter, and we were off!

At 5,325 acres, and with more than 12 miles of hiking trails, there are numerous different areas where one can walk. For this, my third photo outing to Finley in the past year or so, we decided to try the 2.8-mile Mill Hill Loop Trail. It was a very peaceful and enjoyable walk — mostly through forest, which helped to keep us cool. You can see the photos from last year’s outings in the Finley Refuge 2011 photo album.

During my 90 minutes of picture taking, I captured only 39 images. I was trying to not be so trigger happy, but to make each shot count. It paid off, because out of those 39, almost half of them, 18, made it into the final Finley Refuge 2012 album. It was a joy and pleasure to use my new camera, and I’m eagerly looking forward to taking it on more outings.

With the completion of this album, I have FINALLY caught up on processing my backlog of pictures! For the past four months, when I woke up each morning and asked myself, “What shall I do today?” the answer was invariably the same: I have photos I need to process. Of course, I took numerous detours during that time, including outings to the Southern Oregon Coast in May, Silver Falls State Park in June, and Sweet Creek in July. Nevertheless, it ALWAYS came back to the same refrain: I have photos I need to process! I've definitely not been sitting around like a slug!

Tomorrow, when I wake up and ask myself, “What shall I do today?” there will be a NEW answer which I have not heard for four months: ANYTHING I want to, because I have NO photos that need processing! WOW! That’s going to be a nice, NICE change!

Of course, now that I’m all caught up, I will feel at liberty to go out and shoot more photos, which will need processing! So, in reality, it never ends. But being caught up IS a GREAT feeling! Now I can start taking care of all those non-photographic items on my to-do list which I have been neglecting for the past four months! One things is for sure: I will NEVER be bored!
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 149
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 149
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