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My Last Photo Album With Sony Camera Equipment
Friday 10 August 2012   —   Category: Outings

As I wrote previously in Silver Falls Summer Solstice, my outing there in June 2012 was the first one since I had purchased my first SLR in 25 years in March 2011.

So it’s incredibly amazing and ironic that my first photo outing to Silver Falls with my Sony DSLR was also my LAST! Little did I know when I hit the trail just after 6:30 AM, but that day’s hike would induce a Great Camera Quandary which would rapidly lead to the purchase of a new camera and lens kit, and the attempted sale of most of my Sony camera equipment. All of these sudden and radical changes culminated in my GIVING multi-thousands-of-dollars worth of Sony photo gear to a young, aspiring photography student, exactly six weeks to the day after this Silver Falls hike!

As I said before, none of this was apparent to me as I began my hike at one of my favorite places — which I have photographed many times before (with other cameras). My physical goal for the day was to complete the nine-mile hike around the Trail of Ten Falls, with a 40-pound backpack — which included 25 pounds of camera equipment! My photographic goal was to try to capture images which were different from the previous pictures I had taken there.

The more I dragged around that excessively-laden and burdensome backpack full of loathsomely-heavy lenses, the more fed up I became, and the less photos I took. Indeed, after my picnic lunch, I took only ONE picture — which did not even turn out good enough to put in this resulting photo album. By then, I knew with a shadow of doubt that I would NEVER hike with my Sony camera system again — it was simply WAY too heavy!

Even though I was losing heart, I still managed to take 236 photos, which I have narrowed down to the best 37, which you can view in the Silver Falls Summer Solstice 2012 photo album. Now that I have emerged leaner and meaner from my Great Camera Quandary, I’m looking forward to hitting the trail again at Silver Falls with my new Olympus OM-D E-M5 camera system! The only question is whether it will be Silver Falls 2012 part 2, or Silver Falls 2013?

It was fitting that my Sony camera era should end at Silver Falls. The very first album on this Web site was Silver Falls 2006, which contains photos I shot just weeks after purchasing my first decent camera in many years, in the Autumn of 2006. That Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ50 served me well for four and a half years, until I took the plunge into the DSLR world 18 months ago.

For the past month I have been living in a new Olympus Micro Four Thirds universe — and LOVING it! For many die-hard DSLR users, it may seem like a step down, but for my needs it’s perfect, and I could never imagine going back to a heavy, bulky DSLR.
UPDATE: For some reason or another I didn’t make it back to Silver Falls for another four and a quarter years! For all the details, see the article Silver Falls Autumn Equinox and the accompanying photo album Silver Falls Autumn Equinox 2016.
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 147
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