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May 2012 Southern Oregon Coast Photo Outing Recap
Wednesday 8 August 2012   —   Category: Outings
Well, it took nearly three months, but I have finally finished processing the 1,995 photos that I took during my four-day, 800-mile trip to the Southern Oregon Coast. This photographic outing resulted in eleven blog entries as well as 293 presentable pictures, including 18 panoramas (three of which are 360 degrees!) spread across ten new photo albums!

Obviously, I wasn’t working on these two thousand pictures full-time for three months. I had also taken a few small photo outings during that time, including one to Silver Falls State Park which resulted in my being plunged into a time-consuming Great Camera Quandary. During the following weeks, I purchased a new camera, put together a new lens kit, and work on selling my old camera system. And exactly six weeks to the day after my outing to Silver Falls, I gave away my entire Sony camera system to a young, aspiring photography student! As usual, I've been quite busy.

In order to help you find everything related to this outing, here are two lists of the relevant content. First, the eleven blog entries:
  1. Southern Oregon Coast Outing
  2. Rogue River Bridge Photo Album
  3. Gold Beach Sunsets Photo Album
  4. Enjoying the Simple Beauty of Domestic Animals
  5. Cape Blanco Area Photo Album
  6. The Wild and Scenic Rogue River
  7. Exploring the South Fork Coquille River Canyon
  8. Southern Oregon Coast Photo Album
  9. A Grove Of Stout Redwoods
  10. The Wild and Scenic Smith River
  11. A Grueling Journey To Remote Vulcan Lake
And now, for the ten albums of photos documenting my trip:
  1. Rogue River Bridge 2012
  2. Gold Beach Sunsets 2012
  3. Domestic Animals 2012
  4. Cape Blanco Area 2012
  5. Rogue River 2012
  6. Coquille River South 2012
  7. Oregon Coast South 2012
  8. Redwoods 2012
  9. Smith River 2012
  10. Vulcan Lake 2012
As I mentioned above, the resulting pictures from this outing added 18 new photos to the Panoramas 2012 photo album, as well as 15 new photos to the Wildlife 2012 photo album and 3 new photos to the Black and White 2012 photo album.

Only three more smaller, individual albums to put together, and then I will be all caught up with my backlog of photos! Hurray!
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 146
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