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Another Grand and Historic Day: Selling All My Sony Stuff
Wednesday 25 July 2012   —   Category: Equipment
It was exactly eighteen months ago today that I ordered my first SLR in 25 years — as I recounted in my third blog article, A Grand and Historic Day, But Still Dangling. Around the same time, I purchased a number of high-end lenses, as well as other photo equipment, which I have been adding to for the past year and a half, until I had put together a pretty serious camera system.

On that day in January 2011, I NEVER would have imagined that less than two years later another grand and historic day would arrive. As of today, I’m starting to sell ALL of my Sony camera equipment and related accessories!

If you have been reading my blog entries for the past month, you will know that at the end of June I suddenly found myself in a great camera quandary. After much analyzing and agonizing, I finally decided that the best way out the that dilemma was to purchase an Olympus OM-D E-M5 Micro Four Thirds (µ4/3) camera and lens kit.

At first, I thought that I would keep my Sony α77 camera system, using the smaller and lighter Olympus E-M5 only when hiking. But after using the Olympus for just a week or two, I was so enamored with it that I realized that I could never go back to the huge, bulky, heavy Sony — or any other APS-C or full-frame camera. There is no reason to have two complete camera systems, when the Olympus is such a joy to use, and is everything I need.

Therefore, I have been putting together a list of all the photographic equipment I need to get rid of. I’m the type of person who keeps all the original boxes and documentation, so I dug all that out and packaged each item up like new. Here’s a picture I took of it all laid out in my new “store” in the art-craft room at home.

I made a complete list of the items of sale and posted it on a generic Web site, in preparation for listing it on Craigslist. Higher-end Sony photographic equipment is not nearly as common or popular as that made by Nikon and Canon, so I think it will be a bit of a hassle to sell all this — I’ll just have to see how it goes. It’s all wonderful equipment in excellent condition, but for my needs it’s unsuitable. But for someone else it could be ideal.

Well, it’s really the end of an era — I NEVER thought I would be selling my entire camera system after only eighteen months! But it’s also the beginning of something new and exciting. It’s ironic that in my very first blog post, I had mentioned the possibility of going the Four Thirds route, but then dismissed it as inadequate. But the recent release of the brand new Olympus E-M5 is a real game-changer, and opens up totally new possibilities which did not exist a year-and-a-half ago, nor even half-a-year ago.

Obviously, if you keep reading these articles, you’re going to hear a LOT more about this awesome µ4/3 camera, and see plenty of photos taken with it. Stay tuned — the best is yet to come!
UPDATE: I decided to give away all of my Sony equipment rather than sell it! See More Blessed To Give Than To Receive for all the details.
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