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McDowell Creek Photo Outing
Friday 29 July 2011   —   Category: Outings
Well, it looks like consistantly good weather is FINALLY here to stay, AT LAST! I had better take advantage of it, before the nine-month Oregon rainy season starts again in two or three months!

Yesterday I headed out to McDowell Creek Falls County Park, arriving around 5:45 AM after a 45 minute drive from our house. It was such a peaceful and lovely time of the morning — definitely worth getting up early! I didn’t see anyone else the whole time — I had the entire place to myself!

For about three-and-a-half hours I walked through the park, taking pictures. It was a pain to carry my tripod around, but it’s really necessary in the low-light conditions of early morning, especially in a gorge.

You can see the best photos from this outing in the McDowell Creek 2011 photo album.

Brian's Photo Blog — Article 13
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 13
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