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Enjoying the Simple Beauty of Domestic Animals
Thursday 12 July 2012   —   Category: Shooting
When I go out on my rambles — camera in hand — I sometimes come across domestic animals which catch my photographic eye. They have nothing to do with the reason I’m visiting a particular location — they are not generally found AT my destination, but rather on the way there. Nevertheless, there is often something interesting in the way they appear which makes it worthwhile to stop and take some shots.

Because, as I said above, these animals are not found at my photographic destinations, the pictures I take of them feel out of place in the photo albums I put together for those destinations. For example, the first 13 images in this album were taken in the region of Cape Blanco, Oregon, but you would not be able to tell by looking at the photos. They simply look like animals in a pasture, which could actually be almost anywhere in the world. These pictures don’t really seem to fit into the Cape Blanco Area photo album.

In light of these realities, it seemed best to create a new photo album — Domestic Animals 2012 — into which pictures of domestic animals could be put, no matter where the photo was taken. Not every animal photo has to be of wildlife. Domestic animals have a beauty and charm all their own, and deserve their own photo album to show them off! As I encounter more such beasties in my travels, I will add their pictures to this collection. Take some time to browse through the album, and enjoy the simple beauty of domestic animals.
For a complete list of all the blog entries and photo albums resulting from my trip to the Southern Oregon Coast, be sure to check out the May 2012 Southern Oregon Coast Photo Outing Recap
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 128
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 128
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