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Gold Beach Sunsets Photo Album
Sunday 8 July 2012   —   Category: Outings

During my four-day, 800-mile photo outing to the southern coast of Oregon (south of Bandon) in May 2012, I took about 2,000 pictures. I spent two of the three nights in a beach-front hotel room in Gold Beach — with a population of around 2,000, it’s still one of the larger towns on the southern coast.

There were awesome sunsets two evenings in a row, which I photographed from the patio right outside the sliding glass door from my room. As the sun was descending, it was taking on such fantastic shapes that it didn’t seem real! Even after the sun went down, I continued to take pictures, and got a few nice ones with Venus and the stars coming out.

While I was capturing these images, it never occurred to me to combine them into a time-lapse video — I only thought of it a couple of months later when I started preparing them for this photo album. Therefore, I made some mistakes in shooting which caused the video to turn out not as good as it could have, and made the creation of the video much more difficult.

For one thing, when taking photos for a time-lapse video you’re NOT supposed to move the camera during the sequence of pictures. Even though the camera was on a tripod, I did end up moving it slightly a few times during the shooting. This made it a lot harder to align the photos properly for the video.

Secondly, for the smooth movement of objects in the video, you’re supposed to take the photos at a regular interval. But since I wasn’t planning on using these images for time-lapse, I took them haphazardly. Sometimes there was a 40-second gap between photos, sometimes there was only a two-second gap, with a wide-variety of intervals in between. Oh well, better luck next time! Plan ahead, stay ahead!

Because part of the magic of these sunsets was in the movement of the sun, I have created two time-laspe videos — one for each evening — so you can see the form-changing sun for yourself. I have also included some of the most interesting stills, cropped to around 80 or 90 percent of the original, so you can see the sun’s glory in close-up detail. Out of 167 photos, I've gathered the best 22 into the Gold Beach Sunsets 2012 photo album — the second of numerous albums from this trip.
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 126
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