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Extraordinarily Naked
Friday 6 July 2012   —   Category: Thoughts
Judging by the title of this blog article, you are probably imagining that I've been going skinny-dipping again! If so, you've assumed wrong this time!

Last night I was reading the latest issue of Outdoor Photographer magazine when I ran across a short quote from professional photographer Scott Mansfield (be sure to visit his Web site to see all of his other photos) which resonated deep within my soul:
“If I don’t have my camera with me, I feel extraordinarily naked. I've often hiked miles and miles with a fully loaded backpack and not shot a single frame because it just didn’t pan out. I've never regretted that. And the few times I've gone hiking without a camera, I've often just regretted not having my gear with me. It’s an excuse to be a photographer, and it’s an excuse to be out in nature. That’s where I’m most happy, and it’s where I feel most myself.”
Wow! He really puts into words something very similar to what I feel about myself. I could never put it like that, so I’m glad that he did it for me!

I love being out in nature, and I've often hiked with a backpack full of photographic equipment. As I discovered recently, my current equipment is way too heavy to carry. As a result of this reality, I’m investing in a new Micro Four Thirds camera system which will be much easier to take hiking in the great Oregon outdoors.

Like Mr. Mansfield, I too have regretting not having a camera with me at all times. That is one reason I purchased a pocket point-and-shoot earlier this year. Even though it sometimes seems a bit of a hassle, I make sure to take it with me everywhere I go — because the times when I did not have it with me, I've ended up missing out on some great shots, which I really regret.

The above quote is in the same vein as a line from John Muir which I quoted earlier this year:
“The mountains are calling and I must go.”
If I don’t take my camera equipment with me, I will definitely be extraordinarily naked!
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 124
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