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Astonishing Award Accolades
Tuesday 3 July 2012   —   Category: Competitions

To my astonishment, I found out yesterday that, while I was so preoccupied last Thursday traveling to Portland to solve my camera quandary crisis, unbeknownst to me, awards were accumulating for me at the local camera club!

Because of all my busyness, I neglected to attend the last meeting of the club year at the local camera club I belong to, the Valley Viewfinders Camera Club, where I was to be presented with the six award certificates shown to the right. The idea had not entered my head that I might win even ONE award, let alone SIX! Twenty-four hours later, I’m still in shock and awe!

Between October 2011 and May 2012, I had entered a total of 74 photos into the club’s various monthly competitions. Out of all of those pictures, an astounding 53% (39 photos) won some sort of award: 17 first-place, 13 second-place, 6 third-place and 3 fourth-place! For all of those entries and monthly awards, points are accumulated. I guess I had the most points in all four of the print categories!
  • Photographer of the Year in the “Monochrome Print - Open Subject” category
  • Photographer of the Year in the “Monochrome Print - Theme Subject” category
  • Photographer of the Year in the “Color Print - Theme Subject” category
  • Photographer of the Year in the “Color Print - Open Subject” category
I also won two more awards:
  • Photographer of the Year - Second Runner Up in the “Electronic Image Display” category
  • Monochrome Print of the Year for the image The Next Step
Needless to say, I feel very honored and amazed to have won all of these awards. I guess it would have been nice if I had been there in person to receive them, but other things were going on that day.

My wife Catherine and I had a nice outing to Portland. We had an awesome veal Wiener schnitzel at Gustav’s Bier Stube. We bought a big pile of white bratwurst at the Edelweiss Deli. Catherine was able to spend a good amount of time looking at homeschool curriculum at Exodus Book, while I explored my various options for camera equipment at Pro Photo Supply. We also ran some other errands on the way home.

All in all, it was a profitable and enjoyable day in many ways. Most importantly for me, going in person to a camera store helped me out of my camera quandary crisis, and allowed me to decide what equipment will allow me to pursue my passion of photography hiking.

My new Olympus OM-D E-M5 camera and six lenses are all on their way from various online retailers — by sometime next week they all should arrive. I've already downloaded the user manual and read it through completely in order to familiarize myself with the camera before it arrives.

Around the end of next week I will most likely head back to Pro Photo Supply in Portland to try to find some sort of camera bag that I can keep in front of me while hiking with a backpack on my back, so I can easily access all my lenses without having to take my backpack off each time I want to change lenses. I've been researching various types online, but there’s nothing like taking all my equipment with me, and seeing what fits and what works in person.

I’m really excited to take my new Micro Four Thirds system out hiking around Oregon this summer. It seems like a really nice camera, so I’m expecting to get some great shots with it. Who knows? Perhaps that will lead to some more awards during the 2012-2013 camera club year which starts in September.

Brian's Photo Blog — Article 121
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