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Macro Magic
Monday 18 July 2011   —   Category: Shooting
Last week I made a new addition to my Sony lens collection. To tell you the truth, I’m not even sure what motivated me, but I ended up getting a Sony DT 30mm f/2.8 macro lens to complement the Sony 50mm f/2.8 macro lens I had purchased earlier in the year.

I guess the main reason I bought a second macro lens was because of my ignorance. When it comes to NON-macro lenses, I clearly understand the different results I will get between a 30mm lens and a 50mm lens. But when it comes to using a macro lens a couple of inches (or less!) from the subject, I really have NO idea how the resulting photos would differ using a 30mm macro lens and a 50mm macro lens. Seeing that this new lens was only $200, it seemed a small enough price to pay to pick up another lens and do some experimentation.

So what has my experimentation shown me? Heck if I know! I don’t really think there IS much difference, except that with a longer focal length, you can get the same magnification without having to put the lens as close to the subject. That would definitely be a huge benefit when photographing tiny wildlife. Also, the closer the lens gets to the subject, the more the camera blocks the light that is illuminating the subject. So being further away has an additional benefit. Maybe I should look into Sony’s 100mm macro!

One of the issue plaguing macro photography is the shallow depth of field. With non-macro lenses, in general, the shorter the focal length, the greater the depth of field. Thinking that that same dynamic might hold true for a macro lens, I was thinking, and hoping, that the 30mm macro lens would have a greater depth of field than the 50mm macro lens. But after taking a good number of shots with both, I don’t think I can really see any noticeable difference. The reality is they both offer very shallow depth of field, because that’s just the law of optical physics.

Anyway, all the theory aside, what really matters are the photos I have taken with these two lenses. You can see them in both the Flowers Close-up 2011 photo album and the Macro Magic 2011 photo album. Be sure to take a look, and see the world from a different point of view!
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 12
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 12
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