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Praying With Your Eyes
Wednesday 20 June 2012   —   Category: Thoughts
A few months ago I subscribed to Outdoor Photographer magazine. In a recent issue, I read an article by photographer Dewitt Jones who had some interesting things to say.

You’ll have to read the entire article — entitled Realizations: What Is Photography For You? — but just to whet you appetite, here are a couple of quotes: the end, photography for me is not a vocation or an avocation, not a hobby or an amusement or a skill. Photography for me is a spiritual practice. It’s a discipline that connects me more closely to the core of the universe and the core of my own being. It opens my eyes and, in doing so, allows my heart and my soul to open, as well.

If photography is my spiritual practice, then the experience is always more important than the photograph. For me, the photograph isn’t an end in itself, but the residue (beautiful residue, to be sure) of my connection with the scene before me. The experience must always come first.

...God gave me photography so that I could pray with my eyes!
As I mentioned above, be sure to read the entire article. Then, grab your camera, head into the great outdoors, and pray with your eyes!
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 117
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 117
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