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Catholic Goats and a Lutheran Church
Friday 15 June 2012   —   Category: Shooting
About an hour northeast of Albany, on the eastern edge of the Willamette Val­ley, lie the unique sister communities of Silverton and Mt. Angel, separated only by a four and a half mile stretch of Oregon Route 214. Recently I passed through both of these communities on my outing to Abiqua Falls.

Silverton, gateway to Silver Falls State Park, is the home of the 80-acre Oregon Garden botanical park. Nearby is Can­yon­view Camp and Equestrian Center, where all of my three kids have attended various camps over the years.

Mt. Angel home to the Mount Angel Ab­bey, founded in 1882 by a small group of Benedictine monks newly arrived from their monestery-abbey in Engelberg (German for Mt. Angel), Switzerland. Mt. Angel hosts one of the largest annual Oktoberfests in the U.S., and is also home to the largest glockenspiel in the nation.

So far, most of the Mt. Angel & Silverton 2012 photo album focuses on Catholic goats and a Lutheran church building — true ecumenism!
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 114
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 114
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