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April 2012 Eastern Oregon Photo Outing Recap
Monday 11 June 2012   —   Category: Outings
Well, it took a full seven weeks, but I have finally finished processing the 2,196 photos that I took during my five-day, 1,200-mile trip to Eastern Oregon. This photographic outing resulted in fifteen blog entries as well as 309 presentable pictures, including 31 panoramas (two of which are 360 degrees!) spread across ten new photo albums!

In order to help you find everything related to this outing, here are two lists of the relevant content. First, the blog entries:
  1. Heading Back East ... of Oregon
  2. Base Camp: Frenchglen
  3. Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge
  4. Muddy Roads, Invisible Mustangs, and a Round Barn
  5. Hoodoo Ski Area Photo Outing
  6. Through the Sisters and Bend Region
  7. A Detour to the Pine Mountain Observatory
  8. Blitzen Valley Bliss!
  9. Catlow Valley Photo Album
  10. Exploring the East Side of Steens Mountain
  11. Skinny-dipping In the Great Outdoors
  12. The Wild Life At Hart Mountain
  13. In Search of the Elusive Kiger Mustangs
  14. The Spectacular Pete French Round Barn
  15. Malheur National Wildlife Refuge
And now, for the ten albums of photos documenting my trip:
  1. Hoodoo 2012
  2. Sisters-Bend Area 2012
  3. Pine Mountain 2012
  4. Blitzen Valley 2012
  5. Catlow Valley 2012
  6. Steens East 2012
  7. Hart Mountain 2012
  8. Kiger Mustangs 2012
  9. Round Barn 2012
  10. Malheur Refuge 2012
As I mentioned above, the resulting pictures from this outing added 31 new photos to the Panoramas 2012 photo album, as well as 55 new photos to the Wildlife 2012 photo album and 18 new photos to the Black and White 2012 photo album.

For my next projects, I've got a couple of smaller, individual albums to put together, and then it’s on to processing the 1,995 pictures I took during my four-day, 800-mile photo outing to the Southern Oregon coast. I don’t think I’ll EVER be bored!
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 112
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