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Row River / Elkton Photo Outing
Friday 8 July 2011   —   Category: Outings

Yes, it does seem like the long Oregon winter has drawn to a close. The family and I went on a hike today in the area of Dorena Lake, along the Row River Trail, close to Cottage Grove, a bit over an hour’s drive away. As our Hiking Oregon’s History guide book dutifully explained, "Row River" rhymes with “cow liver” — well, we for sure wouldn’t want to embarrass ourselves by pronouncing it incorrectly!

The trail along the river and lake is paved, which is great if your riding a bike or pushing a stroller, but was kind of boring for hiking. Either the view was uninspiring, or else I wasn’t much in the mood for photography, because I didn’t take very many photos on this part of the outing. Starting at the Mosby Creek Bridge, we walked about three miles to Harms Park, not quite half way down the north side of the lake. After eating our picnic lunch, we turned around and headed back to the car on the same path.

Afterwards, we visited Elkton Community Education Center in Elkton, another 45 minutes further away from Albany, where they have a butterfly pavilion and botanical gardens. From what we had heard of the butterfly pavillion, we had expected it to be full of these graceful winged creatures. Therefore, we were surprised and disappointed to find only two types of butterflies there, and not very many of them at that. Still, I did get some nice butterfly close-ups.

The outdoors botanical gardens were much more extensive. I was in photographer’s heaven, taking lots of close-up shots of the various flowers with my macro lens. You can check them out in the Flowers Close-up 2011 photo album.
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 11
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 11
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