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Opal Creek Photo Outing
Tuesday 21 June 2011   —   Category: Outings
Well, it’s been more than a months since my last blog entry, and finally, FINALLY it seems like the eternal Oregon rainy season is over! Or is it just a short break in the rain? Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

Whether a long-term or short-term cessation of rain, the family and I decided to take advantage of the good weather and venture into the great outdoors. Our destination was Opal Creek, a protected area of old-growth forest on the western side of Oregon’s Cascades.

Even though I took about 70 photos during the hike, none of them seemed very interesting or inspiring, except for this photo of bear grass flowers. It’s hard to imagine that the scenery was lacking — I must have been out of the photographic mood. It’s true that I've been having foot problems, and that my feet were quite painful during this walk. Perhaps the discomfort distracted me from the beauty surrounding me. Or maybe, because of Oregon’s long rainy season, I’m artistically rusty and out of the photographic flow.

Well, whatever the reason, this was one of my rare photo outings that did NOT result in a new photo album. Better luck next time!
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 10
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 10
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